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Innovation Management

Anticipate the market, define, structure the innovation process to increase its performance.

In a competitive economic environment and in a constantly fluctuating environment, innovation is the key. To maintain market share, win new customers or ensure profitability, each company must explore and invent new territories. Innovation is a key factor in competitiveness.

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” Steve Jobs.

Our clients sit both at the Corporate Global Level as well as within R&D and Business Units. We explore and develop their uncharted territories, by anticipating scientific disruptors and technological shifts. ABGI Teams work on your challenges related to technological innovation (e.g. ALM, smart tools, augmented reality, data analytics, cobots), innovation markets (e.g. new services, new business models, value analysis), high-growth regions (e.g. opportunity analysis, sector mapping, partner research), strategic foresight (e.g. Factories of the Future, new entrant impact, space applications of tomorrow, digital revolution) and new ways of working (communities, role-playing games, experience sharing, open innovation).

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