The Scientific Research and Experimental Development Tax Credit (SR&ED) is an incentive program available from the Canadian Government. This program encourages Canadian based companies, of any size, to perform Research and Development in Canada.  Some additional provincial credits are available.

If your organization is looking to create new products, or improve your already successful lines, you might be eligible for the SR&ED Tax Credit.

This program provides one of the most competitive tax credits in the world, with more than CAD 3.5 billion awarded per year to more than 23 000 eligible companies. However, the claim process is complex with eligibility requirements constantly changing.

With ABGI’s help and experience, companies  can benefit and become more competitive in the global stage.

ABGI provides the highest level of service for the SR&ED Tax Credit for its clients. By using a unique approach, ABGI Canada maximizes the SR&ED Credit,  while  providing superior documentation to ensure that the claim stands up to the highest level of CRA scrutiny.

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