AI & Software

The 4th industrial revolution is led by digital technology. Software publishing or the development of innovative solutions or systems using artificial intelligence are examples of technology that is eligible for subsidies and tax credits.


Software is constantly evolving as priorities change in software operations. We are currently seeing huge developments in new areas such as artificial intelligence, requiring technological improvements through ongoing research and development. Traditionally, the CRA only allowed software for sale, rental or license to qualify for grants and tax credits. However, new regulations and new market trends have created opportunities for more software companies to qualify.

Exemples d’activités éligibles :

  • Development of new software solutions including AI
  • Development of algorithms and predictive modelling for the automation of responses to aid in problem solving
  • Development of solutions related to Big Data and Deep Learning
  • Development of semantic analysis solutions to identify industry trends through patent analysis
  • Development of biometric security products

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