Mapping of Funding Opportunities

Identifying funding opportunities is a time-consuming effort due to the need to analyze the project portfolio in detail and try to make endeavors match with all possible and relevant funding opportunities.

Regardless of their degree of knowledge on grants and subsidies, it is necessary for companies to select the funding opportunities that are most in line with their development projects, their innovation strategies, their R & D organization,  and their technological roadmap.

In this way, companies can have an exhaustive and relevant view of the calls for tender across Canada to be targeted and the associated timetable.

ABGI Canada provides a comprehensive mapping of funding opportunities based on your investment project portfolio and our deep knowledge of funding opportunities.

Our funding experts will analyze a high-level overview and understanding of your organization’s upcoming investment projects (12-18 months) wherever they plan to be realized in Canada. This information will be used to identify projects that match with the application criteria of various incentive programs across Canada.

We use our proprietary database to generate a list of available funding programs with the best rate of success based on: funding amount, collaborative or partnership conditions,  and the balance between grants and loans.

Finally, we deliver to you an exhaustive funding roadmap for your entire portfolio of projects to maximize their potential.

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