Innovation Management

In an increasingly competitive economic context and facing an ever-changing environment, innovation is central for companies.

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In the current competitive landscape, innovation is crucial for companies. To retain market share, acquire new clients and/or remaining profitable, each company must find new paths. Innovation is a key success factor to maintain competitiveness and has become a central part of companies global strategies.

“Innovation is what distinguishes a leader from a follower.” Steve Jobs

We work with general management and business management. We explore and develop their areas of unknowns: anticipation of scientific breakthroughs and technological shifts.

ABGI teams work on your questions about technological innovation such as:

  • New tools, augmented reality, data analysis, robotization
  • Market innovation such as new services, new business models, value analysis
  • High-growth countries, including opportunity analysis, sector mapping, partner search
  • Foresight surrounding industry 4.0, manufacturing, impacts of new entrants, future applications, digital revolution, and
  • New innovative ways of work like communities, experience sharing and innovation

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