International Tax Optimization

Take advantage of local tax incentives to support your international development.

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Your company’s international growth could be supported by a wide range of funding.

In order to encourage innovation and remain globally competitive, OECD nations are constantly improving their tax incentive systems or creating new tax relief opportunities, as they aim to attract the R&D professionals and R&D activities of large groups, encouraging them to do business in their country.


However, increasingly complex international tax rules and constraints, and additional controls created by recent BEPS measures, require an increased vigilance in the management of transfer prices and intellectual property.

Established through Europe and America, through its offices and network of partners, ABGI Canada and the ABGI group helps companies of all sizes access and optimise local funding mechanisms, in compliance with all rules and regulations.

We can support your international innovation projects by:

  • Mapping all international innovation funding available to your company
  • Helping you access, implement and optimise local funding mechanisms

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