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Our Mission: Accelerating Innovation

We provide our clients expertise in the funding and management of their research, development and/or innovation activities, adding value to their overall process of innovation and its funding.

Our goal: accelerating your innovation processes and your growth wherever you are.

ABGI Conseil is a Consulting Firm Specializing in Tax Incentives, Innovation Funding and Management.


As a part of ABGI group, we pride ourselves with having a growing operational base in the USA, Brazil, France, Canada and in the UK.

For over 30 years, we are helping our worldwide clients maximize their incentives and optimize their taxes or their innovation process.

Our team is composed of talented experts (scientists, tax experts, strategy experts, and more) pursuing the same goal: to support your growth.

We are based out of Montreal to better support Canadian companies from all industries, large and small.

  • 30 years experience
  • 26M CAN$ Turnover
  • 200 Experts
  • 13 Countries

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