Governments and funding agencies consider engineering to be a science, along with chemistry, biology and physics.

The challenges


Governments and public funding agencies recognize that engineering is a science, with the same status as chemistry, biology and physics. However, many engineering companies do not realize that they engage in R&D activities on a daily basis. Typically, engineers encounter complex problems, evaluate various solutions, and resolve these problems through an iterative process. There is funding available to support this process.

Examples of eligible R&D activities


Companies who provides civil, structural or aeronautical engineering services, usually realize activities eligible for tax credits or subsidies such as :

  • conceptualize ideas and designs;
  • assess the geological characteristics or climatic conditions of a site, to determine design and development requirements;
  • develop and design masterplans;
  • create new and innovative designs for various structures;
  • collaboration and evaluation between consultants on the means and methods of constructability;
  • engage in high added value engineering activities.