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Our Team


A team driven by excellence


Coming from different backgrounds, the members of our team are involved and passionate in their activities such as science, finance and taxation.

We are proud to present a part of them:


Alice Sigé

Managing Director


« After graduating with a master’s degree in finance, I worked as a consultant in financing, taxation and innovation strategy for several years. These experiences allowed me to work for different industries in Europe and North America, but also to evaluate the offer and weaknesses of some consulting services.


I joined the ABGI team in 2017 because of its incredible ability to truly serve our clients. Today, I manage the Canadian subsidiary of ABGI Group and help companies from all sectors develop their innovation projects. “ »



Gregory (Greg) Molev, Ph.D.

Consulting Manager


« I have been actively involved in scientific research since 2000. I have experience in analytical and organic chemistry, biochemistry, nanotechnology and material science. I’ve authored 18 publications in leading scientific journals, registered a US patent and presented at many international conferences. Since 2013, I have worked on a variety of SR&ED claims (preparation and support). During that time, he prepared successful claims for many companies from various industries, focusing on chemical engineering, cannabis, food, pharma, and clinical research related corporations of all sizes. The majority of my clients were approved by CRA, and those audited had their claim successfully defended. My passion for research and a deep understanding of science and technology are most helpful, both in technical narratives preparation and in supporting my clients in their ongoing projects. As part of my consulting activities, I provide training on how to position certain support work in direct relation to the technological uncertainties associated with eligible SR&ED projects.


In addition to SR&ED practice, I am an R&D consultant in two cosmetics manufacturing companies. I assist in developing research plans and runs hands-on experiments when necessary.” »



Joel Ferrier

Sales Manager


« Upon graduating from Wilfrid Laurier in Business Administration I have accumulated over 20 years’ experience in Business Development, Strategic Partnerships and Marketing leadership. My background specializes in Tech, Telecommunications and non-dilutive funding. I have been working with Canadian companies via tax credits, grants and the SRED program to advise on funding their innovations.


My passion for customer success and relationships has driven me to pursue working with dynamic and collaborative global teams. At ABGI/Braithwaite, I deliver results for our clients as a trusted advisor. “ »


Jennifer Niss

Business Intelligence Analyst Manager, North America


« After completing my MBA, I began my career as an industrial management controller for several organizations in manufacturing.


I have been with Visiativ for seven years, first as an operational management controller, then as a controller in HR. Visiativ has now offered me the opportunity to oversee management control for the Americas from Toronto. »



Carmen Dumitriu

B.Sc. Pure Mathematics, Advanced Financial Accountant
Senior Taxation Consultant


« I account for an extensive 16 years full time experience in SR&ED tax credits claims preparation. During my SR&ED claims preparation practice, I accumulated solid experience with CRA review process and requirements, having preparing taxation and financial part of the credits for more than 3,000 claims, as well as having participated in quite a few scientific reviews in her time at Braithwaite Technology Consultants Inc. This experience helped me acquire knowledge on CRA’s expectations regarding work and expenses eligibility and how a claim is structured and presented from CRA’s perspective.“ »



Aki Ormrod

Sales & Marketing, Market Research


« I play a leading role with sales lead generation, including in relation to market research and marketing for the SR&ED Tax Credit Claim. I particularly focuses on targeted social media marketing and engagement, profiling Braithwaite’s success and the latest industry news to our audiences.

I have more than a decade of experience with marketing and sales, most recently with Heineken K.K. »



Patricia Leclerc

Business Development Director


« After more than 25 years of diversified experience in business development and project management, I have worked in many sectors such as digital transformation, telecommunications, manufacturing and tax incentives.

Today, at ABGi Canada, I help companies with their innovation financing strategy. “



Baptiste Bertrand

Business Development Director



« With a Master’s degree in International Business Development and a Master’s degree in Management Economics, I have been working for over 10 years in the sale of intellectual services in Europe and Canada.


Throughout my career, I have been able to manage business development, human resources (recruitment and skills maintenance), and marketing activities with a profile firmly focused on understanding needs, following up on business and ensuring customer satisfaction. »



Julien Lemieux

Business Development Director


« Graduate of HEC Montreal, I have been, for the last 12 years, building a hybrid expertise in finance and innovation. My experience in IT, eCommerce and banking makes me a valuable partner for Canadian businesses. What drives me is to facilitate decision process and add value. Cutting edge and innovations are things I always gravitated around, and this role fulfills this need of mine to learn more. I pride myself on making Business development more about relationships than deals.

At ABGI Canada, I help companies finance the next big thing! 



Frances Shawera

Sr. Business Development Director


« I joined our team bringing my
expertise with the financial tax sales role to focus on new business development, as well as our current client relationships.

I am a passionate and proven sales professional who have developed strong relationships within the financial sales industry over the course of my career and bring that
expertise and drive to our team.


Nancy Smith

Business Development Director


« I have 13 years of experience with a large French Canadian steelmaker, in sales, customer service and operations.  Over my years in the industry, I’ve formed extensive long term relationships through providing excellent customer service and solutions.

I look forward to forging ahead and working with industry and businesses from a different perspective. »


Carole Makowka

Independent Consultant


« I joined Braithwaite at the turn of the century from an entrepreneurial marketing and business background. With over 40 years’ experience in client relations, I am a Senior SRED Consultant and Regional Manager for Southwestern Ontario, gifted with being able to match client objectives to services that meet and exceed their expectations. Knowledgeable on the program and other initiatives and expert at account management, I’ve contributed to our low client attrition rate by my ongoing attention to detail and relationship building. Always intuitive with an eye on the long term, she looks beyond today to long term growth for continued funding through innovation. I am an expert at ensuring our clients meet their strategic objectives. »


Tony Da Graca

Independent Consultant


« I have been in the business since 1998, responsible for identifying potential sales leads, contacting companies, arranging appointments, delivering presentations, and closing sales. I had to demonstrate an understanding of the basic tax concepts of an SR&ED Tax Credit claim while keeping informed of current SR&ED tax developments. Resulting in the following: Outperforming all 2002-2011 targets; producing total revenues for BTCI through my business development; managing over 100 accounts in Ontario; presenting to companies’ Executives, Presidents, CFOs, and Vice Presidents; efficiently managing multiple ongoing sales opportunities and client expectations; delivering exceptional communication skills resulting in effective BTCI services; dealing effectively and comfortably with both internal and external client personnel of all levels and disciplines; assuming significant responsibility, ownership, and accountability. Due to my high annual targets, BTCI has become a leader in the SR&ED market. »


Solune Peyret

Consulting Practice Lead


« After a study program in biology and biotechnology, I completed my background with a master’s degree in Project Management and Innovation.

At ABGi Canada, I am involved in various missions such as the mapping of public funding opportunities, tax credit and grant applications for the Life Sciences sectors such as health, agri-food and biotechnology. »


Karl Pinard

Funding Innovation Consultant


« With a master’s degree in chemistry, I worked for many years in Research & Development in various industries.

After 15 years of expertise in innovation financing for various companies, I have developed strong skills in identifying R&D-related technological advances and writing technical reports for tax credit and aid and subsidy applications.  »


Agnès Decencière,

Sr. Consultant, Tax and Innovation Funding 


« With my 20 years of experience in international taxation and innovation taxation, I have had the opportunity to work for large companies operating in different fields such as the technology industry (Hewlett-Packard), energy (Alstom) and cosmetics (L’Oréal).

Today, I support our clients in their search for reliable and sustainable solutions, adapted to their business reality and easy to implement. »


Sophie Roques 

Funding Innovation Consultant


«After graduating with a degree in political science, I did a master’s degree in innovation management.”

I just joined ABGI Canada to support the new business unit development and define new services.

I’m also in charge of our monitoring activity for funding programs. »


Geoff Swamy, B.A.

Senior Technical Consultant


« I have more than 15 years of writing experience, consisting of creating technical training manuals and workflow procedures, developing and structuring content, editing, quality assurance, and interviewing SMEs. For over 12 of these years, I specialized as an SR&ED consultant, preparing and successfully defending SR&ED claims for clients in Canada and the UK – including 2 years managing an SR&ED Technical writing department. I have been involved in all aspects of the SR&ED claim process, from project eligibility scoping to audit support/defense. My primary responsibilities include interviewing SMEs to identify eligible activities, preparing technical reports, and data analysis of project records, supporting technical documentation, and time-tracking tools to establish qualifying project expenditures. I have prepared SR&ED claims for industries including IT/software, engineering, and manufacturing, and has developed a comprehensive understanding of these industries’ operations. This has been reflected in a high approval rate for my submitted claims, and I have successfully defended those that were selected for audit by CRA.

I also have 2 years of experience working in database management and network administration. Here, my ability to translate complex technical information into easily digestible formats was used to develop documentation for staff training purposes. These training manuals included visual aids, functional descriptions, and operator interfaces for software programs and internal technical staff operating procedures. »


Jerry Ng

Senior Technical Consultant


« I have worked on SR&ED claims since 2010, originally as a technical writer. My duties and expertise expanded to include technical interviews, documentation preparation, as well as claim audit defense. From my extensive experience in various aspects of SR&ED claim preparation and defense processes, I am highly effective in identifying, extracting, and interpreting technical and financial information to accurately and efficiently complete a claim. In the event of SR&ED claim audits, I will equip claimants with the necessary knowledge and expectations as well as work closely with taxpayers to ensure that the appropriate documentation is concise and easily digestible. I am also well versed in the subtle nuances of the SR&ED program and CRA’s interpretation of the Income Tax Law as it relates to SR&ED, allowing him to effectively address any concerns that might arise at audits.»


Geetha Potluri, MTech

Senior Technical Consultant


« Since 2016, I have been actively engaged in Scientific Research (secondary research) and skilled in conducting in-depth analysis to identify and protect novel ideas and assisted in patent claim drafting. I have collaborated with R & D Scientists across various domains including but not limited to autonomous driving, robotics, power and energy control/management technologies, electronic sensor controls, biomedical sensors, etc., Since 2021, I have assisted in various SR&ED claim submissions in the fields of automotive, artificial intelligence/machine learning, robotics, wireless technology, computer science and information technology. My prior experience in IP research and curiosity in exploring advances in technology contributed to accurately assessing and scoping SR&ED eligibility.

I will be assisting the clients in identifying activities qualifying for SR&ED program and prepare detailed technical narratives. I have assisted the clients through several audit reviews and has fair understanding on the gray areas of SR&ED program, allowing me to prepare the clients for audit reviews, gather & compile scientific documentation (evidence), establish reasonable expectations, and resolve any concerns that may arise.  »


William Leung

Senior Technical Consultant


«With a PhD degree in microbiology and Master’s in organometallic chemistry, I have 15+ years of hands-on research in  academic, government, and hospital labs. My research background was in molecular biology, food/nutrition sciences, gastrointestinal diseases, anti-microbial technology, wastewater treatment, bioremediation and organic/inorganic chemistry. 


Prior to joining ABGI, I had 8 years of experience as a SR&ED Technical Writer. I worked with clients from food, biotech, chemical, health/life sciences, pharmaceuticals, oil and gas, resources, construction materials, and plastic and metal molding industries to identify opportunities for SR&ED credits and grants. I hope to bring my technical background and prior experiences to help our clients maximize their SR&ED claims.»


Leonard Oyama, B.Eng.

Independent Consultant


« I have actively been involved in scientific research since 1998. I have extensive experience in the manufacturing, automotive, mechanical engineering, tool & die and extrusion industries. Since joining Braithwaite in 2007, I have filed over 200 successful claims by upgrading the strength and eligibility of the claim, improving documentation and development through an SR&ED Birth Certificate process and developing SR&ED Time Tracking Templates

Professional and Industry Experience: Manufacturing, Automotive, Stamping, CNC machining, Plastic injection molding, Mechanical engineering, Tool & Die, Extrusion, Participated and specializes in audits which were successful and filed successful claims for the following years, Maintains a 95% success rate on all of his filed claims»