Manufacturing - ABGi



The manufacturing industry is a key sector of Canadian economic activity. Manufacturing companies operate in an extremely competitive environment and must maintain high level of innovation and strategic R&D investments.

The challenges


The manufacturing industry develops new products and processes that meet the specific requirements of its customers. The technical difficulties encountered throughout this process often meet the conditions required to qualify for grants and tax credits.

Examples of eligible activities


  • Design and development of new or improved products;
  • Creation of prototypes and testing of new or improved products;
  • Development of tools and fixings for new products;
  • Performing durability tests using new materials and equipment;
  • Implementing new or improved processes to improve manufacturing efficiency;
  • Establishing and implementing processes to improve yields and reduce cycle times;
  • Investment in new production lines, new machines, new management tools or a shift towards 4.0 principles.

Case study 

For manufacturing companies, access to funding is often crucial to the success of an innovation project.

We are currently working with several manufacturing businesses, both in Quebec and elsewhere in Canada, helping them identify and access the innovation funding they need to facilitate the development of their Industry 4.0 projects, purchase new machinery, enable ERP integration, and develop new processes.

Working alongside the internal project management teams, we reduce time and effort for managers, by establishing the necessary processes, and helping in the drafting and submission of funding applications.