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E-Business Tax Credit




E-Business Tax Credit


E-Business Tax Credit (CDAE) is exclusive to Quebec. It was created to encourage the development of information technology (IT) in the Province.


Created in 2008, and updated in 2015, this program is frequently modified to reflect evolution in the market and relevant technologies. This refundable tax credit is subject to the same control requirements as other tax credits.


ABGi will provide you with recommendations and support tailored to your specific needs.



    The CDAE is a 30% tax credit up to a maximum of $25,000 per year per eligible employee. This credit is refundable (24% refundable, 6% non-refundable).



    This tax credit is dedicated to companies developing innovative and high value-added activities in the IT sector (computer system design, software publishing, etc…) executed in an establishment located in Quebec.




    The claim process is complex and Investissement Québec’s eligibility criteria are very demanding. Our experts will guide you to maximize your claims.



    We support our clients throughout the claim process, from the request for certificates to the delivery of tax forms.