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Strengthening Canada-EU Ties, to Mutual Benefit with Horizon Europe

Canadian companies have a significant opportunity to profit from bilateral cooperation with the EU in science and technology, by fostering cross-border partnerships.

Horizon Europe is the EU’s largest research and innovation program to date with a budget of €95.5 billion for the period 2021-2027, complemented by financial contributions from associated countries. It is open to the entire world; entities from associated countries can collaborate and are treated on par with entities from EU member states.

Grant mapping to boost financing for businesses operating in Canada

The various government entities across Canada offer more than a thousand different grants and subsidies for businesses operating across the country. They offer substantial financial benefits, but often the ecosystem is opaque and challenging to navigate.

New big five Clean Investment Tax Credits in Canada

2023 Federal Budget highlighted the transformational new big five clean investment tax credits, which will help produce, manufacture, or transition to clean energy in Canada. These Clean Investment Tax Credits, which total over $60 billion over the coming ten years, will support green innovation in the private sector, grow our economy, and create or secure thousands of good middle-class jobs.

Interactive Digital Media Tax Credit across Canada and Worldwide

Canada is home to many digital innovation giants and fast growing SMBs and start-ups. Canada’s federal and provincial governments offer some of the most generous incentives in the world to support this rapid growth and encourage investments in the country. The refundable tax credit for interactive digital media is available in various provinces across Canada. In each province, the rates and conditions for claiming the credit differ from one province to another, particularly concerning the wage expense per individual and the total eligible expenses that are not capped.

My Business Project Failed The SR&ED Tax Credit Audit

If you are reading this, a well-trained SR&ED consulting firm can tell right from the title that a business project does not qualify for the SR&ED Tax Credit. Many companies ask what the difference is or if there is any difference between a business project and an SR&ED project. The easy answer is yes there is a definite difference, but let’s dig into this further.

I think the place to start is to be clear about what the SR&ED tax credit is supposed to encourage.

ABGi expands its reach into Ontario

We are proud to announce that Braithwaite, a leading player in the Canadian innovation financing industry, is joining ABGi (a member of the Visiativ group)! Braithwaite’s R&D, tax and financial experts will bring over 30 years of SR&ED expertise and a 99% success rate with the CRA, and strengthen ABGi Canada’s coverage in Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia…

The new SQRI² Innovation strategy in Quebec

The Quebec government has announced its new strategy for research and investment in innovation. Called SQRI², this action plan, estimated at $7.5 billion, will run from 2022-2027. The goals of this measure are to improve business productivity and reduce the gap in GDP per capita with Ontario in order to ultimately increase the prosperity and wealth of Quebec citizens.

Learn to optimize your tax credits

SR&ED, CDAE and Multimedia tax credit systems can seem complex, because they combine legal, financial and scientific notions. They are thus at the intersection of skills and professions that are rarely supported by the same interlocutors within a company.

Transfer pricing

For some decades now, companies established in several countries have implemented a transfer pricing policy in order to justify their intra-group transactions. The exceptional economic situation due to the health crisis has raised concreted issues regarding the application of transfer pricing rules.

ABGi expands into Germany

ABGi, already present in many countries around the world is settling up in Germany to support its clients in obtaining aids for their innovation’s projects. ABGI once again reinforces its international presence with the company Partner für Innovation & Förderung (PFIF).