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Food & Agriculture


The sector brings together different types of companies such as: agrifood industries, agricultural cooperatives, phytosanitary products, etc.

The Agri-food Industry


The agrifood sector deals with many challenges, impacting its supply chain from the top (agricultural companies), to the bottom (food and drink companies). It is thus one of the most innovative manufacturing sectors.


However, many companies in the agricultural sector unknowingly engage in R&D activities which could be eligible for tax credits or subsidies. The same goes for manufacturers of food and drink products.

Examples of eligible activities


  • Cultivation techniques to increase crop yield;
  • Development of flavourings / ingredient formulations for food products;
  • Evaluation or experimentation of new foods and feeding techniques to improve or increase animal production;
  • Improvement of manufacturing processes;
  • Investment in new machines / tools / robotics;
  • Creation of new or improved packaging;
  • Development of new products to improve food quality in order to meet specific requirements

Case study

As part of the reorganization of its R&D / Innovation department, a Food Sector SME asked for our support to evaluate its process for sourcing government subsidies. We started by defining a specific methodology for the company to identify all eligible projects. For each project and type of grant, we then put in place an action plan to ensure that deadlines are met, and budgets aren’t impacted. We helped our client apply to the relevant funding mechanisms and they subsequently obtained several hundreds of thousands of dollars in funding to finance their projects.