Our Team


A team driven by excellence


Coming from different backgrounds, the members of our team are involved and passionate in their activities such as science, finance and taxation.

We are proud to present a part of them:

Alice Sigé, Associate and Head of Operations ABGi Canada


«After graduating with a master’s degree in finance, I worked as a consultant in financing, taxation and innovation strategy for several years. These experiences allowed me to work for different industries in Europe and North America, but also to evaluate the offer and weaknesses of some consulting services.


I joined the ABGI team in 2017 because of its incredible ability to truly serve our clients. Today, I manage the Canadian subsidiary of ABGI Group and help companies from all sectors develop their innovation projects. »



Patricia Leclerc, Director of Business Development


« After more than 25 years of diversified experience in business development and project management, I have worked in many sectors such as digital transformation, telecommunications, manufacturing and tax incentives.


Today, at ABGi Canada, I help companies with their innovation financing strategy.  »


Karl Pinard, Senior Consultant on Tax Credits, Grants and Subsidies


« With a master’s degree in chemistry, I worked in Research & Development in various industries.


After 15 years of expertise in innovation funding for different companies, I have developed great skills to identifying technological advances related to R&D and to writing technical reports for grants and tax credit application. »


Solune Peyret, Consulting Manager, Grants and Subsidies


« After a study program in biology and biotechnology, I completed my background with a master’s degree in Project Management and Innovation.


At ABGi Canada, I am involved in various missions such as the mapping of public funding opportunities, tax credit and grant applications for the Life Sciences sectors such as health, agri-food and biotechnology. »


Agnès Decencière, Senior Consultant, Tax and Innovation Financing 


« With my 20 years of experience in international taxation and innovation taxation, I have had the opportunity to work for large companies operating in different fields such as the technology industry (Hewlett-Packard), energy (Alstom) and cosmetics (L’Oréal).


Today, I support our clients in their search for reliable and sustainable solutions, adapted to their business reality and easy to implement. »