Electrical and electronic engineering

The electronics sector is extremely competitive and as a result companies must constantly innovate to maintain their competitive edge.

Computer board hardware motherboard microelectronics Server CPU chip semiconductor circuit core blue technology background or blue texture with processors concept electronic device

The electronics industry is constantly innovating. Many electronic components such as chipsets, memories, connectors, photo and video sensors, or screens and user interfaces are having to constantly adapt in order to stay relevant in a very dynamic competitive and regulatory environment. As a result, the sector permanently seeks to develop innovative solutions through ever greater R&D efforts.

Examples of eligible R&D activities:

  • New or improved technologies, including biosensors, magneto-electronics, nanoelectronics, optics, molecular nanotechnology, plastic electronic circuits and microelectromechanical systems;
  • Electrical systems such as custom control systems that regulate the behaviour of other systems and devices using control loops.

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