Agrifood and Agronomy

The sector brings together different types of companies such as: agrifood industries, agricultural cooperatives, phytosanitary products, etc.


The agrifood sector faces many challenges, impacting its supply chain from the top ( (agricultural companies), to the bottom (food and drink companies). It is thus one of the most innovative manufacturing sectors.

However, many companies in the agricultural sector unknowingly engage in R&D activities which could be eligible for tax credits or subsidies. The same goes for manufacturers of food and drink products.

Examples of eligible activities:

  • Cultivation techniques to increase crop yield;
  • Development of flavourings / ingredient formulations for food products;
  • Evaluation or experimentation of new foods and feeding techniques to improve or increase animal production;
  • Improvement of manufacturing processes;
  • Investment in new machines / tools / robotics;
  • Creation of new or improved packaging;
  • Development of new products to improve food quality in order to meet specific requirements

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