Grants and Subsidies

Companies can access direct public funding to accelerate their growth and innovation potential, while optimizing their cashflow. In this way, they can secure strategic investment and accelerate their growth.

Did you know? The Canadian Government has over 1,000 permanently open funding programs aimed at supporting Canadian businesses.

This wide range of direct funding mechanisms is the result of a trend that began a few years ago, when "indirect" funding programmes such as tax credits started being gradually wound up and replaced by "direct" sources of funding such as grants and subsidies.

These aids and subsidies can be categorised into the 4 main areas of Canadian public policy:

  • Innovation,
  • Expansion / export,
  • Environment,
  • Human capital.

Unlike most tax credits claims, companies must "pre-validate" the projects they wish to finance with grants. As a result, we have developed a unique methodology around the 4 phases which will guarantee you the best chances of success:

Mapping of available funding

  • Mapping of available funding
  • Project structuring
  • Documentation and negotiation
  • Management of subsidized projects

Our expertise will help you maximize government funding for your business.

Grant Funding


Mapping Of Available Funding


Project Structuring


Documentation & Negotiation


Project Management

Mapping Of Available Funding

Identifying funding opportunities can be a long and tedious exercise. One must analyze the entire portfolio of projects, then match each project schedule and incurred expenditure to all relevant funding opportunities.

Regardless of their level of knowledge of grants and subsidies, it is vital for companies to be able to select the funding option most appropriate to their R&D projects, their innovation strategy and their technological roadmap.

The ABGI Canada team can provide you with a complete mapping of funding opportunities across Canada, based on your R&D project portfolio.

Using our proprietary database and our expert knowledge, we will generate a list of available funding programs, rating them for success against: the amount of funding available, the conditions of collaboration or partnership, and the balance between grants, tax credits and loans.

Finally, we will deliver a comprehensive funding roadmap for your entire project portfolio, helping you maximize their potential.

Project Structuring

Structuring a project for grants requires a scientific and economic analysis of the project’s technological maturity, the scientific expertise necessary to create a strategic action plan, and the financial expertise to compile a good business plan.

If the project is collaborative, its eligibility criteria must be critically analyzed in order to build a solid consortium, based on technological building blocks and complementary knowledge.

You can also benefit from our network and extensive experience in project submission. Our large network of customers and partners, and the expertise of our consultants in multiple sectors, enables us to support business leaders structure their projects and make contact with the right funding organizations.

We will highlight the key points in your application for funding, thus ensuring you are on the right track in all stages of your application , maximizing your chances of success.

Documentation & Negotiation

Most funding programs require the submission of documents, including an executive summary, detailed cash flow and/or complete business plan. ABGI can help you compile and draft all the necessary documentation for a successful application. Compiling the required documentation, and pitching the project are two of the most important steps in a funding application process.

A specific set of skills, both technical and financial, are required to compile the required project documentation, including: business plan, market study, impact study, economic benefits, human capital analysis, etc.

ABGI provides a full service to your business:

  • We communicate with government officials and funding agencies,
  • We prepare the funding request (s) on your behalf,
  • We prepare all required documentation on your behalf.

We identify and highlight the key assets of your project to the selected funding agencies, thus maximizing your chances of success.

Management of Subsidized Projects

Once funding has been agreed by the funding agency, the next step is to lead and manage the project, or the group of collaborative partners, and carry out the agreed schedule of work.

In order to guarantee quick access to funding, effective project management is required, particularly when it comes to the planning and technical / financial monitoring in direct communication with the funding body. A precise and comprehensive methodology is essential.

ABGI will actively support you in managing the project and compiling the regular technical and financial reports required by the funding organisation. We will organise follow-up meetings, help ensure the smooth running of the project as described in your funding application, taking care of all contractual and administrative aspects.

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