Government Grants

To accelerate innovation, companies can secure public funding to leverage investments while optimizing cash flow. This way, they can guarantee a return on investment while mastering the value chain via strategic partnerships.

The Government of Canada offers more than one thousand, six hundred and five (1,605) programs to encourage and help Canadian companies. We provide insight for an increase in subsidy funding or “direct” funding as it compares to “indirect” funding such as tax credit programs.

Basically, we can gather all these incentives into 4 main categories which aggregate the main Canadian public policies: Innovation, Expansion/Export, Environment, and Human Capital.

Unlike most tax credits companies that have to “pre-validate” their projects they want to fund with grants, our methodology is developed in 4 phases to guarantee the best chances of success.



Outlining the best funding opportunities


Project Stucturing

Organisation by project to optimise your funding rate


Documentation & Negotiation

Preparation of the application



Project management & coordination

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