Grant mapping to boost businesses operating in Canada

Grant mapping to boost financing for businesses operating in Canada

Grant mapping to boost financing for businesses operating in Canada

December 8, 2023

The various government entities across Canada offer more than a thousand different grants and subsidies for businesses operating across the country. They offer substantial financial benefits, but often the ecosystem is opaque and challenging to navigate.

Grant mapping services can help you to identify and access funding opportunities most relevant to your needs and goals, to maximize government support. In addition to windfall financing, the holistic, streamlined process saves significant time and internal resources in identifying and tapping the most relevant and impactful programs for your business. It delivers up all the information on eligibility, application deadlines, project requirements, and evaluation methods.

There are four main categories – innovation, expansion/export, environment, and human capital. These can be applied across broad project categories, including:

  • Growth Potential
  • Capital Investment
  • Recruiting Employment
  • Agricultural Expansion
  • Acquiring Business Real Estate
  • Marketing Ideas & Securing Patents
  • Sponsoring Research and Development
  • Expenditure on Start-up or Existing Business

Unlike tax credits, companies must “pre-qualify” the projects they wish to finance with grants. This is an outgrowth of a clear recent move away from “indirect” financing, such as tax credits, in favor of “direct” financing, such as grants. This is aimed to encourage you to develop and innovate in your chosen space, while optimizing cash flow.

How to maximize your benefits

There are some important best practices to benefit from these programs to the full extent:

  • Maintain detailed records, using the prescribed forms and schedules, ensure compliance with deadlines, and consult with the experts.
  • Access all the relevant resources and support services – policies and guidelines, forms and publications, webinars and outreach services, and provincial and territorial R&D tax credits.
  • Plan ahead and review the relevant projects and expenditures before year-end, to ensure that they meet the eligibility criteria.

Talk to the experts – ABGI & Braithwaite Canada

ABGI & Braithwaite Canada are the established experts in grant mapping services.

Our methodology:

  • We Map: We analyze your projects and provide a mapping of available financing programs. We prioritize funding based on amount and the likelihood of success. We then deliver a comprehensive financing roadmap for your entire project portfolio.
  • We Structure: We support you in the implementation of your financing plan and in the first exchanges with the funding organizations. Financial and scientific analysis is foundational to a strategic plan of action, in this process.
  • We Write the Funding Applications: Based in substantial expertise developed over many years, we spearhead elements of the application, incorporating your business plan, market research, human capital analysis, etc.
  • We Manage: We assist with project management and in drafting the periodic technical and financial reporting required.

Our team of experts at ABGI & Braithwaite Canada can help you to navigate the complex world of grants and funding and provide you with the support you need to succeed.