Tax Incentives

Tax credits and incentives are the primary sources of funding provided by the Canadian government.

Specialised tax incentives

ABGI Canada applies its unique methodology; a holistic approach to secure the maximum possible government funding for your organization.  ABGI Canada supports Canadian companies of all sizes to maximize their tax credits, in compliance with all rules and regulations.

We also advise SMEs to ensure that they obtain all of the additional support they can access, in order to quickly generate cash and support their growth.



Scientific Research & Experimental Development Tax Credit programme. For companies of all sizes.


E-Business Tax Credit (CDAE)

This Quebec incentive is designed to encourage the development of information technologies.


Multimedia Tax Credit (MMTC)

This Quebec measure aims to encourage the production of multimedia titles.

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Other Tax Credits

Such as the tax credits for new industrial design & for the integration of new technologies.

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