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Learn to optimize your tax credits

SR&ED, CDAE, CTMM & other measures


April 25, 2022


SR&ED, CDAE and Multimedia tax credit systems can seem complex, because they combine legal, financial and scientific notions. They are thus at the intersection of skills and professions that are rarely supported by the same interlocutors within a company. Yet, with a little training and regular updates, this system can be apprehended by an R&D manager, a project’s manager, or an administrative and financial director. But especially, with a good process, these different stakeholders can collaborate. 

What’s the interest of a training?

In a context increasingly competitive, tax credits must be an integrated component in your development strategy. Indeed, SR&ED, CDAE, Multimedia tax credit and other incentives are by definition growth accelerators et thus levers of your future competitiveness

But why integrate them in your processes? Why is it important, even fundamental for your company?

Everything will depend on your history and your experience in the implementation of these tools.

If you have never used it, a tax credit can allow you, in compliance with the texts, to:

  • For exemple, hire a young doctor for a low cost,
  • Or to reduce your innovation service bill  by 20 %…

Imagine being able to integrate this type of variable in your investment or strategic orientation reflections for new projects. Exciting, right?  If you’re already claiming some tax credits but you completely externalize it and you’re working only at the end of the financial year, this anticipation is impossible and that’s too bad. Anticipating by being supported from the start would have maybe allowed you to invest differently. So yes, that’s sort of the “icing on the cake”. But this system has a totally different end, it can:

accelerate/perennate the R&D process/innovate Canadian firms et increase their value.

How to consider a training?

Our experts are specialists in this system. They have scientific, financial, and legal skills to deliver to the different involved interlocutors, with the right verbatim, necessary information for the good understanding of the incentives. Furthermore, they also have the ability to present you the tools and processes to ensure optimized piloting alone.

But why such an approach? Isn’t it giving away your knowledge?

Well, no, the business and environment have evolved and advising players must evolve too in their proposition of value. A stagnant society is a dying society.

At ABGi, we have therefore fully integrated this necessity et we have included in our operations a support for skills development. Either in an integrated way in our mission’s conduct, or through a dedicated training. If the subject interests you, and it should, get closer from knowledgeable, because the advisor role is, above all, to provide advice and to pass on his knowledge… Might as well enjoy it, right?

The author of this article :

  Alice SIGÉ

Head of operations